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Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: Crossed daggers
Appearance: Height: 6' Color: White body, dark blue mane/tail Eyes: Green with no pupils Clothes: Black duster, sometimes wears glasses
Personality: Easygoing, usually lets things around him work themselves out unless they directly affect him. He's social when he wants to be, but tends to avoid large crowds. Crowded areas tend to make him jumpy and he tries to get out quickly. He cherishes any friends he makes and is willing to defend them, any attack on a friend leads to him getting mad. After meeting him the first time he's rather quiet, but he opens up more as he gets to know you. Also he always tries to please everybody.
Likes: Whittling, alchemy, logic, learning something new
Dislikes: Magic, haters, Poison Joke, heights, being called mister
Hometown: Manehatten
Current Residence: Ponyville (with @hurricane)
Occupation: Wood worker (carpentry, makes statues, furniture, ect.)
Summary: Nathan lived by himself for many years in Manehatten. After his parents divorced and got in a fight over custody, he ran away, sadly leaving his sister behind and never seeing her again. He was ashamed of never going to a school and spent countless hours of the day pilfering books off of unsuspecting libraries to read and learn more. This of course lead to a thieving spree throughout his childhood, taking food and clothing and money. After years of this Nathan was eventually caught and punished for his thieving. Now seeing the error in this, he has decided to move to Ponyville and make a fresh start.
Additional: Enjoys knives. Has a collection. Knows how to use them but prefers not to. Has a shop in Ponyville called 'The Wooden Dagger' where he makes statues, furniture, anything ya need. When he first meets you, he asks a LOT of questions. Nathan pauses in his speach a lot, maybe he has a brain thing or maybe he's just bad at social situations. His voice is often very tired, which might explain the constant speech pauses.
Poison Joke: Maddness (acts random, no focus, basically mental anarchy)

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  1. @diamond "Nonsense!" *yank* Whoops your being dragged. # Nathan dabs some sanitizer on the wound and sets the last bandage on your face. "There you are! Good..ish as new!"

    Monday, 23-Apr-12 22:28:50 UTC from web in context