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    @azelia | "The rangers aren't in plenty, custom fitting the armor for each one would actually be ideal. Remember after all this armor is only for them only I don't want to see other military forces sporting the same thing. Or at least not for some time." He said moving his hoof along his own paper dropping it to move around the counter standing at the opposite side to face Azelia. She was wonderful to have around useful, smart, and pretty all the things he really needed at this point available in one nice package. "A shield? Could you elaborate because a shield in the forest does not sound very practical for our purposes. If we could attach a mechanism that would extend and retract the armor to a degree that would allow free range of motion that would be best. But how.." He said to her and to himself really think aloud as he drew a crude design of the chest plate. "This isn't something that needs to be completed today you know." He said realizing they had been going at this for hours now. Not that he didn't like the motivation and drive he just wanted to make sure it wasn't too much for the mare.

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