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    # | Frost sits at the edge of the Forest, staring out at Ponyville. It's such a nice looking place... And from what he's seen, there's hardly any fights. Nopony is ever running away from something trying to eat them. Everypony seems to, generally, get a long. He stares for a bit more before giving a dry chuckle to himself. Why bother even trying to go into town? He lays down, listening to the sounds of nature and watching for the sunrise. The sunrise... He always goes deeper into the Everfree when the sun comes up. He's paranoid somepony will see him, and begin getting ideas, or, worse, tries to chase him down. He shivers, remembering the past few times he's been meeting ponies in the Forest. For all that most ponies are, a lot are too... Friendly? Open? He's not sure, but his paranoia most certainly is a figuring factor in his fear of going to town. He shakes his head, clearing all these various thoughts and merely watching the sky.

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