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    @silverscreen | Celery couldn't help but look straight up as they came across the entrance. She thought to herself, wondering if she really noticed this place or /what/. She watched Silver clear the brush and debris. She thought to herself that it maybe looked like a dead version of a few places from back at home. In the back of her mind, she wondered why it was threatening instead of welcoming. She felt her front hooves shake slightly. Celery jumped beside Silver, keeping very close to him. "W-well... Let's go." She was starting to regret her decision, but was hoping that this place wasn't very big. She wondered if they could make it through by nightfall, but something about it made her doubt. She smelled the air. It was stale, and the unfamiliar fragrance was a repulsive sort of sweet to her. Her eyes squinted and she tried to make out anything harmful, but it was only trees and leaves. She took a step forward, and then another, making very well sure that her side was always touching Silver's. Something inside told her that if they got separated, they would be in trouble.

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