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    @silverscreen | Celery kept the pink hue on her face, but it disappeared soon. "Yep! It's soft, but there's a trick to that. But it got reaaallly annoying when it reached my knees when I was... this big!" She extended her hoof out to a random height. "Mother didn't trust me running around, so she braided it, and then put it back. Loops. Everything. When she actually trusted me to walk around, I always got tangled up in it. I figured out how to walk though, so it's habit. You gotta go IN. and then push the hair out of your way." She demonstrated what she was talking about with her forehooves. "Of course, I still trip, and mother doesn't trust me with my mane out, still, because of THIS." she pointed to the left side of her head, where her mane had constantly gotten tangled in brush and ripped out... She realized that she was rambling. Her cheeks turned red again and she stared blindly past the fire. "Well, now...I think I've bored Cashew with that enough."

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