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Full name
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A sextant
Appearance: Seawothy appears as a green eyed, grizzled, ivory-white colored stallion with a dark blue mane and goatee. His long mane is usually kept in a short ponytail (No pun intended) as to keep it somewhat tidy. His overall hieght falls on the shorter side when comapred to the average stallion. While most ponies refrain from wearing clothing, Seaworthy often sports a tricorn (sailors hat) whenever he can.
Personality: Seaworthy presents himself as a jovial, brazen stallion who symbolizes the old saying “Live life to the fullest.” Friends would say that he’s a fun chap to hang around as well as someone to confide in. A communal pony by heart, he enjoys meeting others and would be friends. He also prefers to live in the present, perceiving that the future will come when it comes. Seaworthy is blunt and upfront in just about everything, especially in expressing his opinion. He’s terribly passionate about his (former) profession and will often ramble on and on of anything in relation to sailing or the sea itself.
Likes: Sailing, navigation, tricorns, bird watching, pubs, singing, the fiddle, honest folk and bro hoof's.
Dislikes: Riddles, snooty ponies, pickles, the upper class, thieves and regions lacking a coast line.
Hometown: Manechester
Current Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Unemployed (currently)
Summary: Born in Manechester, Seaworhty was raised in a restrictive family of uptight accountants and supercilious factory owners; even his birth name was 'Bargain Bust'. He differed from the rest of his shrewd kin considerably by composing himself in a wild, candid way. Being the black sheep of the family, he eventually found his own purpose whilst in an accident on a fishing trip where he proved his skill as a sailor and navigated his friend's boat to safety. Overjoyed with this accomplishment (and attaining a cutie mark) he discarded his old moniker and promptly dubbed himself ‘Seaworthy’. All connection with his old life ended at that moment as Seaworthy took up his call as a deckhand for a trading company. One day, he would proudly call himself the captain of the ‘Wandering Sinner’ until the fateful hour came when he and a Canterlot official exchanged words, then blows. Seaworthy was banned from working any mariner profession for the next twenty years for his actions. The disgraced captain decided to move into his uncle’s vacated apartment in Ponyville where he would contemplate on some way to regain his honor.
Additional: Seaworthy will always address himself as 'Captain' despite the notion that he's been stripped of his station. He's disillusioned that he'll be able to find a way to reclaim his integrety.
Poison Joke: His colors switch and his goatee turns into a handlebar mustache.

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  1. # Seaworthy's eyes turned upwards as the rainbow rain started to fall. He was dumbfounded, to say the least. "What in the-!" He now just stood in place. Mesmerized by the downpour.

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