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Age: Stallion
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A Reel of Film
Appearance: His family (Mother's Side) are Akhal-Teke. A horse breed that carries a gene that allows for tier coats to shine and shimmer gloriously in the presence of lighting. While many ponies would embrace this unnatural beauty, Silver rejects it as annoying and troublesome to him in his day to day life. So, the stubborn colt often is seen wearing a cloak or using an umbrella during the day to shade himself from the "Beloved Curse" and to not gather unnecessary attention. He's smaller then the average colt, making him just a little larger then the normal mare. A red and black mane with bright green eyes; the same color of his magic.
Personality: He's very unenthusiastic with a very dim and often very sobering outlook on things. Silver generally just does what he feels like, or whatever can benefit him in some way. The colt simply tries to emotionally distance himself from the world as possible to avoid getting hurt. He doesn't care about anyone else because he believes no one cares about him. He doesn't enjoy the constant company of others and would rather just sit back and enjoy taking in the scenery of nature. When forced to interact, he can be very blunt with his wording to a point of brutal honesty laced behind his deadpan delivery and sarcasm. Silver is very calculative with details, scrutinizing even the smallest of issues if he deems them important enough in the long run....Maybe he has a more caring side hidden away beneath his thick outer shell.
Likes: Photography, Films, Movie Making, Writing, Coffee, Finishing something, Speaking his mind
Dislikes: Whatever bugs him at the moment.
Hometown: Canterlot
Current Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Works in an out of town studio in Ponyville
Summary: Basically, a sarcastic, never emotive, mono toned, jerk. He cares for himself and only for himself due to something that happened to him as a foal. He's embarrassed by his shining coat and has no little to no magic.
Additional: Silver occasionally carries his father's vintage camera around his neck. It's a treasure to him. Silver also wears two wrist bands around his forehooves and has done so ever since he was a foal. He simply enjoys the look because it matches his mane. Silver also has little to no magical abilities due to allowing his mother have it so she can have a musical career. He occasionally smokes. Silver has a pet chipmunk widely considered to be his only real friend and occasionally acts as a conscience for the colt and pain in he arse.
Poison Joke: He's overly emotional with everything he does.

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  1. @celery As soon as Celery made it back into the room, the camera's light bulb made a huge flash of light and Silver stuck his head out from behidn the drape. "They're made to be detachable." Silver answered back with a little bit of a grin still showing on his face. and changing out the slab. #

    Saturday, 28-Apr-12 07:47:20 UTC from web in context